Tytus Koniak

Tytus K

Transitioning from his military career, Tytus found success in the world of business. Alongside his wife, Michelle Koniak, he built and led numerous successful ventures, demonstrating a keen ability to cultivate and sell thriving businesses. Their combined prowess has not only led to their professional growth, but also enabled them to inspire others by coaching aspiring entrepreneurs. The success of their business endeavours has allowed Tytus and Michelle to embrace a life many dream of. They've leveraged their entrepreneurial earnings to travel the world, experiencing diverse cultures and gaining global insights that further enrich their coaching practice. Away from the entrepreneurial sphere, the couple dedicates time to volunteering for veteran services, supporting and encouraging their fellow service members. Tytus's commitment to helping veterans is especially profound, reflecting his own experiences and deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by this community.
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