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Michelle Koniak, a trailblazing tech expert and motivational coach, embodies the epitome of determination and skill. Beginning her career performing small jobs online as a Virtual Assistant (VA), Michelle quickly identified the limitations of her position and was driven to ascend beyond them. She immersed herself in studying Python, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and other pivotal technologies, transforming her career trajectory. Together with her husband, Tytus Koniak, Michelle evolved into a force to be reckoned with in the realm of digital consultancy. They've become a global powerhouse, advising companies worldwide on the successful transition and operation of online businesses. Their combined expertise and innovative solutions have made them an invaluable resource for startups and established entities. Michelle and Tytus now share their wealth of knowledge and experience through one-on-one coaching, where they delve into the psychology of success and the principles of the GetRichNow mindset. Their teachings are designed to instil in their students a profound understanding of business dynamics and the mental fortitude necessary to navigate the entrepreneurial journey successfully.
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